We are committed to finding the most cost-effective way to comply with existing tax legislation by maintaining the highest level of expertise through continuous study and exchange of professional opinions and interpretations.

We adapt to the specific needs of each company and offer our service on a continuous basis or advice whenever required.

Tax Advisory Service

We give continued support to our clients’ Management team by offering the following advisory services:

  • Help in defining tax policies and in planning operations. Tax deductions and benefits
  • Continued revision and monitoring of applied tax criteria, tax coherence and the fulfillment of obligations
  • Advice on tax procedures
  • Resolving enquiries
  • Information on tax regulations, on rulings and on judgments of a general nature or of particular interest

Advice on tax procedures

Tax Administration
  • Presentation of and amendments in declarations and other documents
  • Management of returns
  • Examination of tax returns
  • Tax current accounts
  • Monthly VAT return system
  • Community VAT return system
  • Verification of formal obligations
  • Limited verifications
  • Enquiries addressed to the Directorate General for Taxation
  • Tax inspections and disciplinary proceedings
Tax collection
  • Deferments, instalments and compensations
  • Collection procedures. Enforcement period collections
  • Guarantees and embargos
Review of administrative proceedings
  • Appeals for Reinstatement
  • Economic-administrative claims

Tax advice for specific operations

  • Investments, disinvestments, mergers, demergers, transfers of assets, securities swaps, restructuring of assets, liquidation of companies etc.
  • Due diligence
  • Tax audits. Prevention of tax risks
  • Tax consolidation
  • Transfer pricing, evaluation criteria and documentation obligations
  • Tax representation for non-residents
  • Taxation of inpatriates and expatriates