To maintain its competitive edge and take the most effective decisions companies need to have accurate economic and financial informationand access to the main indicators of their specific business operations.

We work together with companies on the design, implementation and maintenance of the most appropriate Business Intelligence systems and on the analysis of the data obtained. We can then make our recommendations.

We offer our services on a continuous basis or specific advice whenever required.

We give continued support to our clients’ Management team by monitoring and analyzing the company’s economic information and accounting records, offering:

  • Advice on the definitions of accounts structures and accounting procedures
  • Advice on statistical design, information tables, model reporting and budgets
  • Continuous review and monitoring of the information systems used. An analysis of the information, detection of possible mistakes and meaningful conclusions
  • Periodic reports with reviews and recommendations
  • Advice on the preparation of the annual accounts,”Reporting Package” and other reports

Our exhaustive evaluation process – ‘Due Diligence’ – of the business areas of a company that a client may wish to acquire, provides the potential buyer with an independent and detailed appraisal of the seller’s business. We check for hidden liabilities or contingencies in all areas. We cover all the financial, accounting and tax aspects of a ‘Due Diligence’.

We carry out evaluation processes of companies, businesses, branches of an activity or assets, combining the following analytical systems and criteria.

  • Acquisition and sales processes
  • Independent expert’s reports (mergers, acquisitions, contributions in kind)
  • Conflict and litigation
  • Company or Group reorganization
  • Issue of ordinary and preferential shares

We work with companies on the design of their information systems and procedures to ensure they contain reliable data, can synthesize key performance indicators, can recognize any deviations and apply corrective measures.

  • Revising administrative and accounting procedures
  • Designing economic and financial reports
  • Elaborating contingency financial statements
  • Treasury budgets
  • Feasibility and re-adjustment studies

Our extensive experience in consultancy allows us to have an independent and pluralist view of a company’s organizational difficulties and the complexities of its information systems. We are in the best position to provide the most efficient solutions and work with our clients to find and implement the best information system options by.

  • Studying and designing the procedures
  • Choosing the information technology systems
  • Collaborating on the implementation and start-up

We offer independent expert advice in private or legal disputes; in civil, criminal and arbitration proceedings. We draw up Expert’s Reports as evidence on behalf of the Parties or as reports requested by the Court.

We prepare objective and independent Expert’s Reports on economic, financial and accounting aspects which can be used by the Parties or by their legal advisors at any stage of the conflict and in any jurisdiction.

We act within the following legal regulatory framework:

  • Civil Procedure Law
  • Criminal Procedure Law
  • Arbitration Law
  • Law relating to the jurisdiction of the administrative courts
  • Labour Procedure Law

Our services include, among others:

  • Preparation of Expert’s Opinions as an Independent Expert in conflict and Litigation disputes in order to clarify complex technical issues
  • Quantification of damages (consequential damage and lost profits)
  • Counter-reports or evidence to the contrary
  • Ratification before the Court